Whidbey Island Drive

Walt and yours truly decided NOT to clean gutter or rake leaves or whatever else you could do on this beautiful fall day. Instead we opted to crash the Whidbey Island Sports Car Club meet.

This happens every first Sat, rain or shine at the Wifi Cafe in Freeland.

We were then forced to mingle with less desirable cars such as Porches, Ferraris and Alfa Romeo and the likes.

Even the local law enforcement were interested in our Swedish cars!

We also met Mike with his excellent 1973 1800ES.

Thelma and Louise or Woof and Woofsie was also present cruising a 1957 Ranchero. They drove to the dog park later.

Then we drove to my friend Malcolm’s place for a garage crawl. He is restoring a 1929 Air cooled Franklin. This is the engine. The body is just as nice but at the upholstery shop. In the amazing shop he had an 34,000 mile 1931 Ford, 1931 Ford ton and a half truck, 1942 Willis Jeep and about 50 “one-lunger” vintage industrial engines. Cool stuff!

Walt and I took the scenic drive home. Here is Walt negotiating the 180 degree turn by Ebey Landing.

A great day and you know what…we’ll do it again!

By Rolf

2019 Fall Swap Meet

The annual Fall Volvo Show & Swap was enjoyed with a perfect sunny day.  Parts and even whole cars were on the block and huge amount of cash was exchanged for old rare Swedish parts.

Even whole cars were for sale like this rare 242GT.

It is said that the US national debt increased by 3.6% during this event but the GDP grew by 5.6% so all good. Exchange of goods and services is a good thing especially if the goods are vintage Volvo parts.

It was very good to see the youngins in the 240 mafia show up. Normally we see 5-10 sixties Volvos and that’s it. We always worry about some of us old times aging out or even worse…dying out! There is hope.

These guy are maybe driving slightly newer cars like the 240 but they get their hands dirty building their own engines including this custom built 16 valve red block!

 A great swap and a good time was had by all. We will do this again next year.

2019 WAVE Event

The Third Annual Whidbey Area Volvo Event (WAVE) featured 30 classic Volvos cruising across Whidbey Island, the second largest island in the US. We started with a car show of many 544’s, 122’s, Amazon wagons, P1800’s, Duetts, and a few newer models. When have you seen 5 Duetts together? One was completely restored and looked like it had just left the factory.

The cruise was creatively choreographed. We divided into 2 groups –One set out to the west, the other to the eastern side of the island. Later we crossed paths in a face-off on a secluded forest road. Creating opportunities to video the oncoming cars. Finally we reunited in one group and visited Ebey Landing for a speech about local history. The view over the valley was incredible.

Whidbey Island Volvo Event

Crowds cheered us on as we snake-danced our way on back roads. Unfortunately we were going too fast to hand out copies of Rolling.

New friendships formed as we bonded together with a shared devotion to Volvo. At lunch we reflected on the ways these Volvos provide adventure and enrich our lives—way beyond mere transportation. Assar and Gustaf would be pleased.

By Dick Libby

2019 Annual Skandia MidSommarfest

Our Puget Sound VSA Car Club was invited again to attend this 61th year 2019 Annual Skandia MidSommarfest at Saint Edwards State Park, in Kenmore, WA. This is a Scandinavian traditional style Solstice celebration, complete with folk music, traditional costumes, Scandinavian food from vendors, and flower head wreaths, as well as the raising of the MidSommarfest pole by Seattle’s Skandia Folkdance Society and crowd volunteers.

Our PSVSA club had 5 classic Swedish Volvos to display in the morning for a classic Swedish car show on the large Washington State Park front grassy lawn. They were Brandon Benson, green 1973 1800ES, Davis Smith, white 1967 1800S, Gary Ramstad, white 1967 122S and Gabrielle Morris, red and white 1957 PV445 Volvo.

This was a fun time, since many former Swedish Volvo owners just loved to visit and see our old classic Volvos at this Scandinavian event.

It was fun time to visit with them and hear their many Volvo stories about owning a early Volvo car in Sweden and the USA.

By Gary Ramstad

13th Annual XXX Root Beer Drive-In Swedish Car Cruise

The 13th Annual XXX Root Beer Drive-In Swedish Car Cruise-In for Volvo and Saab Cars, February 10, 2019 – 9 AM to 3 PM, at Issaquah, Washington. This date and event was snowed out for the first time ever, and moved to March 24, 2019 by meet organizer Ingvar Carlson.

Volvo and Saab owners arrived early on a cold, cloudy, northwest morning for a fun winter day with our old cars. The XXX Root Beer Drive-In restaurant’s adjacent parking lot was full with over 95 Volvo and Saab cars by 10:30 AM. I helped out with the parking and what a fun start for another great Swedish car show.

Ingvar Carlson, meet organizer, and PSVSA club helpers Mike Deskins, and Mike Harrell earlier in the morning used caution tape to close off some parking areas for our PSVSA club older pre-1973 classic Volvos and also the NW Saab Owners Club. One of the first cars to arrive in the morning was a brand new 2019 XC-90 and a S60TR6 Volvo to be displayed from the “Volvo Cars of Seattle” dealership, (formally Bob Byers Ravenna Volvo). Our PSVSA club had a good showing of more than 10 Volvos, which were PV444, PV544, 122S and 1800S, 1800ES models, but the majority of the Volvos were mostly the older 240’s and newer Volvo model cars.

Ingvar Carlson, meet organizer

The $10.00 a car admission fee collected by Ingvar went for the many raffle prizes, 8 car trophies, the event parking liability insurance, the porta-potty rental and the XXX Root Beer Drive-In’s local non-profit LEO charity. The raffle started at noon with many automotive tools as prizes. Then the many trophy presentations for the best outstanding Volvos and Saabs along with the People’s Choice for both Saab and Volvo cars.

It was fun to see so many PSVSA club members, and old Volvo friends again on this cold winter day to discuss our past, current and future Volvo restoration car projects and show off our cars.

Thanks again to Ingvar Carlson for organizing this 13th annual winter event and providing the many raffle prizes and the Swedish Car Cruise-In Volvo and Saab trophies.

See you next year.

Puget Sound VSA Chapter News by PSVSA Chapter Coordinator Gary Ramstad