2019 WAVE Event

The Third Annual Whidbey Area Volvo Event (WAVE) featured 30 classic Volvos cruising across Whidbey Island, the second largest island in the US. We started with a car show of many 544’s, 122’s, Amazon wagons, P1800’s, Duetts, and a few newer models. When have you seen 5 Duetts together? One was completely restored and looked like it had just left the factory.

The cruise was creatively choreographed. We divided into 2 groups –One set out to the west, the other to the eastern side of the island. Later we crossed paths in a face-off on a secluded forest road. Creating opportunities to video the oncoming cars. Finally we reunited in one group and visited Ebey Landing for a speech about local history. The view over the valley was incredible.

Whidbey Island Volvo Event

Crowds cheered us on as we snake-danced our way on back roads. Unfortunately we were going too fast to hand out copies of Rolling.

New friendships formed as we bonded together with a shared devotion to Volvo. At lunch we reflected on the ways these Volvos provide adventure and enrich our lives—way beyond mere transportation. Assar and Gustaf would be pleased.

By Dick Libby