2019 Fall Swap Meet

The annual Fall Volvo Show & Swap was enjoyed with a perfect sunny day.  Parts and even whole cars were on the block and huge amount of cash was exchanged for old rare Swedish parts.

Even whole cars were for sale like this rare 242GT.

It is said that the US national debt increased by 3.6% during this event but the GDP grew by 5.6% so all good. Exchange of goods and services is a good thing especially if the goods are vintage Volvo parts.

It was very good to see the youngins in the 240 mafia show up. Normally we see 5-10 sixties Volvos and that’s it. We always worry about some of us old times aging out or even worse…dying out! There is hope.

These guy are maybe driving slightly newer cars like the 240 but they get their hands dirty building their own engines including this custom built 16 valve red block!

 A great swap and a good time was had by all. We will do this again next year.