Whidbey Island Drive

Walt and yours truly decided NOT to clean gutter or rake leaves or whatever else you could do on this beautiful fall day. Instead we opted to crash the Whidbey Island Sports Car Club meet.

This happens every first Sat, rain or shine at the Wifi Cafe in Freeland.

We were then forced to mingle with less desirable cars such as Porches, Ferraris and Alfa Romeo and the likes.

Even the local law enforcement were interested in our Swedish cars!

We also met Mike with his excellent 1973 1800ES.

Thelma and Louise or Woof and Woofsie was also present cruising a 1957 Ranchero. They drove to the dog park later.

Then we drove to my friend Malcolm’s place for a garage crawl. He is restoring a 1929 Air cooled Franklin. This is the engine. The body is just as nice but at the upholstery shop. In the amazing shop he had an 34,000 mile 1931 Ford, 1931 Ford ton and a half truck, 1942 Willis Jeep and about 50 “one-lunger” vintage industrial engines. Cool stuff!

Walt and I took the scenic drive home. Here is Walt negotiating the 180 degree turn by Ebey Landing.

A great day and you know what…we’ll do it again!

By Rolf